B2N Security Services is in the business of providing physical security services and technology security.


We are an emerging security firm that specialises in security solutions and protection services to a wide variety of clients from private companies to government institutions. We currently cater for small, medium and large organisations.




Our mission is to be the undisputed private security company with a reputation of offering services in an ethical and professional manner. We intend on delivering sustainable security services to both our current and potential clients.


Main services


  • General guarding

Access control, patrol and armed response


  • Projects and event security services

Control of venues including stadiums, film and music festivals


  • Construction site control

Provision of safety services and access control in construction projects


  • Retail security services

Patrolling of shopping complexes, providing security services at malls, centres and supermarkets


  • Industrial security services

Provision of services at factory, banks, mines etc.


  • Residential and property services

Provision of security and access control at upmarket flats and townhouses


All of our security officers are train grade C officers and are accredited by PSIRA. Security supervisors are grade B officers who have matric certificates, they have excellent communication skills both in writing and verbal command.


Our officers also have stringent management and investigative skills and knowledge of applicable security systems, first aid and fire fighting skills.